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Guesstimating: Kaya

Hello! The latest Magic story introduced us to a new planeswalker, and i made a card for her (spoilers for the story will follow).

Guesstimating: Emrakul’s Angel

Hello! So it turns out the latest Magic story was released today as well (spoilers ahead).

Guesstimating: Oath of Liliana

Hello! The trailer for Eldritch Moon just dropped and inspired me to make a fifth oath.

Guesstimating: Tamiyo 2

Hello! Today i continue to hope against hope for a new Tamiyo in Eldritch Moon.

Guesstimating: Sigarda VS The World!

Hello! Shadows over Innistrad previews have just started, so let’s make some guesses before the actual cards are spoiled!

Pretty Reprints: Angelic Celebration

Hello! I’m forced to interrupt your regularly scheduled program because From the Vault: Angels was announced this week and i’m all kinds of giddy.

Guesstimating: Journey into Nyx Gods

Hello! Journey into Nyx previews start tomorrow, so i thought i’d post my own guesses of what the five remaining God cards could be like, just for kicks.

The Secretist

Hello! I recently finished reading The Secretist novels by Doug Beyer, revolving around the events of the Return to Ravnica block, and produced a card based on the ending of Dragon’s Maze. Spoiler… Continue reading