Guesstimating: Emrakul’s Angel

Hello! So it turns out the latest Magic story was released today as well (spoilers ahead).

And in it, among other things, we learn the fate of Bruna and Gisela. They… they’re a little worse off than i predicted.

Emrakuls Angel

Emrakul has completely taken them over, and they seem to be little more than an avatar of her now.
The delirium requirement reflects their indoctrination, while her ability stems from their own indoctrinating abilities. “Their call drew others. “We are’mrakul!” Voices rose up from the world below, melding into one sound, one truth. “One’mrakul, be’mrakul, we’mrakul!” It was glorious. It was everything. It was Her.” While Emrakul controls the planeswalker outright, her Angel controls their creatures.
Double strike and vigilance come from their original cards, and they also make sense for a creature that is essentially two anyway.

Things do not bode well. Until next timrakul!