Guesstimating: Tamiyo 2

Hello! Today i continue to hope against hope for a new Tamiyo in Eldritch Moon.

I just read through the latest Magic story article (spoilers will follow), where we learn that Tamiyo’s purpose is to uncover and chronicle the mysteries of the multiverse. She keeps these tales in scrolls, which she uses to fuel her magic (in what is a very clever move by the writers to allow for easy callbacks to Magic’s past). She also has a vow of non-interference, observing from a distance but believing in preserving the natural course of things. So, in essence, Tamiyo is a time lord (and, in this story, Avacyn is a Dalek. Impure. IMPURE!)

Now, this is relevant because i’ve been waiting for stories about Tamiyo to figure out her secondary color. A new Jace was released in SOI, canceling out the likelihood of a potential Tamiyo in EMN being mono-blue, so for her to get a new card she would probably have to be multicolor. This story tells me her secondary color is Green, the color of the storyteller archetype and of preserving the natural state, which is perfect as that would be the most likely color to be used in EMN, based on the other planeswalkers’ colors. For those keeping track at home, SOI had two White ‘walkers (pun intended), one Blue, one Black, two Red, and one Green. EMN will likely have Liliana, based on the promotional art, bringing us up to two Black. That means that the only colors missing to have two of each are Blue and Green.

But that’s not enough, as it seems unlikely to me that they would bring out a second Blue/Green planeswalker so soon, and after a popular one at that. Which leads me to believe that Tamiyo could be tricolored. Tricolored cards have been reserved for very prominent, very powerful ‘walkers, but this story also tells us that Tamiyo may just have vast amounts of power at her disposal. What this story doesn’t tell me is what her third color is, as none of them fit for me so far. My best guess would be White, as she has a very strict code that she refuses to break for the good of the multiverse, at the potential cost of her own life. And so, this very long winded post is the justification for this card:

Tamiyo Seeker of Truth

Tamiyo is the closest planeswalker we have to a player like us, using her cards (scrolls) to cast magic. I wanted card handling to be a constant part of her abilities, hence the constant scrying (which also doubles as a gathering of information). Her first ability is based on her dispelling of Jace, which could be considered a flicker, exiling Jace then returning him as he was. Her second ability is her ice shards that she uses against Avacyn, in addition to being an ability from her first card. Her final ability is a more general representation of her reading a scroll, where the scroll is the card you reveal. It’s designed to be potentially used multiple times, hence the low cost.
Also, i learned while doing the card that we don’t have nearly enough Tamiyo fan art. Get on it, internet!

And there you have it, what is possibly my most Vorthosian post ever. Well done on reading it all, if you did. Until next time!

(Also, that Serra namedrop isn’t accidental; Karn returning soon?)