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Lore of the Folk: Donkeyskin

Hello! Today’s card comes from a very creepy tale.

Lore of the Folk: Puss in Boots

Hello! Today’s card is adorably terrifying.

Lore of the Folk: Curses and Chaos

Hello! Today’s cards are both based on stories where people are cursed out of spite.

Lore of the Folk: Juniper Tree

Hello! Today’s card will revive your creatures in a very convoluted way.

Lore of the Folk: Freezing Magic

Hello! Today’s folklore cards both involve some sort of magic-induced freezing.

Lore of the Folk: Creepy Creeps

Hello! Today’s segment has cards from the new Folklore section of my personal Multiverse, and is essentially Lore Ipsum but based on folk tales instead of mythology. This particular pair of cards is based on a couple… Continue reading