Lore of the Folk: Freezing Magic

Hello! Today’s folklore cards both involve some sort of magic-induced freezing.

Both of these fairytales are the most recently recounted by Dael Kingsmill; she occasionally shifts from mythology to fairytales, and these posts will follow suit. As usual i highly recommend you watch her vlogs before you proceed to the cards (links to the specific vlogs will follow). I won’t be covering the whole tales, only the aspects my cards drew from, and she tells them far better than me anyway. Let’s get started!


Frozen Solid

Once upon a Winter, a snowflake fell by the window of a little boy named Kai. Kai watched as the snowflake grew and grew, until it took the form of a woman made of ice. The woman beckoned to him, but Kai immediately slammed his window shut in fear. He didn’t see the woman again. The following year, as the boys were tying their sledges to the backs of farm carts, Kai noticed a fancy white sleigh circling around the square. He decided to hitch his sledge to the sleigh, which promptly sped off and didn’t stop until they were well beyond the town’s gates. Off the sleigh stepped the same ice woman from the previous year. She offered to cover Kai from the cold in her icy fur cloak and kissed him on the head, making him completely forget about the town and his previous life.
The bulk of the tale follows Kai’s best friend Gerda, in her journey to find and rescue Kai. When she finally learns of and reaches the Snow Queen’s castle, she is halted by an army of creatures created from the very snow, but is able to overcome them and rescue her friend.

Snow Queens Kiss Snow Queen Snow Queens Army

I couldn’t decide between turning the Snow Queen’s abilities into spells or bundle them on a creature, so i did both. The morph ability comes from her turning into a woman from a snowflake; her kiss erases the player’s memory, represented by their library; and her creature army is animated from snowflakes. The third comes from Balduvian Conjurer, but the ability is green.


Frozen Standing

Once upon a time, a soldier with a fancy pair of buffalo-leather boots and his recent hunter companion found themselves in a cottage occupied by an old lady, seeking shelter from the night. She informs the pair that the cottage is owned by thieves who will return any moment, but the soldier barges in anyway asking for supper. As the old lady reluctantly agrees, a dozen thugs enter the house also asking for supper. They quickly find the poorly hidden pair and begin making their intimidation rolls, but the soldier interrupts them, asking to be fed before they do whatever it is they plan to do. Shocked with the soldier’s fearlessness, they agree to give him food and drink. The soldier raises his glass and offers a toast to the thugs, who are really weirded out at this point but raise their glasses anyway. As the soldier downs the wine, however, the thugs become frozen in place, unable to move. Suddenly Wizard then proceeds to sit down and enjoy the meal with his companion, before they return to town to find guards to arrest the bandits. Also, the hunter was actually the King.

Buffalo Boots

There are no images for this fairytale. None. This card is deceptively good, as it locks down more and more creatures until you don’t tap the enchanted creature for a turn. It’s the main reason i didn’t make it an equipment, as it would be way too easy to exploit.

Until next time!