Lore of the Folk: Puss in Boots

Hello! Today’s card is adorably terrifying.

As always, this fairytale was recently recounted in vlog form by Dael Kingsmill, and i highly recommend you watch it before you proceed to the card. I won’t be covering the whole tale in detail, only the aspects my card drew from, and she tells it far better than i ever could. Let’s get started!


Once upon a time, a young man’s father died and left him as inheritance nothing but a cat. This cat, who could talk for no apparent reason, told his new owner that he could get them out of poverty in exchange for a pair of boots. Once the owner agreed and bought the boots, the cat slipped them on and ran off to the woods, wherein he hunted a rabbit. He then presented this rabbit to the king as a gift from the marquis of Carabas, and the king happily accepted.

This process went on for a while, until the cat overheard that the king and the princess would be going on a carriage ride. Recognizing this opportunity, the cat convinced his owner to take a skinny dip on a river near the path the carriage would be taking. Once in the river, cat hid his clothes and ran off to the carriage, shouting for aid, claiming brigands had stolen the clothes of his maser, the marquis of Carabas. The king promptly stopped to help and brought the man into their carriage. Cat sped off ahead of the carriage and made every peasant on his path swear to claim they worked for the marquis of Carabas, under threat of being cut to shreds. So as the carriage advanced, so did every peasant boast how happy they were to work for the marquis.

Further down the path, cat came into a castle that was occupied by a shapeshifting ogre. Cat tricks the ogre into shapeshifting into a mouse and promptly eats him, claiming the castle for himself and his “marquis” as the carriage arrived. Fully convinced of this marquis’ worth, the king immediately arranged a marriage between him and the princess, and they and the cat lived happily ever after.

Puss in Boots

This tale is all fun and games and wily cats until you realize just how terrifying Puss really is. He’s basically Kilgrave, manipulating everyone to do his bidding without them ever realizing it. I theorize this is why nobody questions the fact he can talk. Sure, he didn’t actually do much harm, just killed some wildlife and an ogre who was probably evil anyway, but trust me, he’s one bad decision away from becoming a super villain. This card represents all of that.


Until next time!