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Card Dump: Unbearable

Hello! Today i bring you a pair of bear-related cards because why not.

Chaos in the Planes: Genderbending

Hello! Today’s edition of Chaos in the Planes is a bit different, in that instead of shifting colors i’m shifting genders. Specifically, the genders of two planeswalkers. Since only changing the art would… Continue reading

Chaos in the Planes: The Fallen

Hello! Apologies for the delay, i was away for the weekend and didn’t have the chance to post earlier. At any rate, it’s still Monday. This edition of Chaos in the Planes revolves about my… Continue reading

Chaos in the Planes: The Many Faces of Akroma

Hello! Welcome to Chaos in the Planes, wherein i take heavy inspiration from the Planar Chaos set and shift cards to other colors. They’re not just simple color shifts like the planeshifted cards but… Continue reading