Chaos in the Planes: The Fallen

Hello! Apologies for the delay, i was away for the weekend and didn’t have the chance to post earlier. At any rate, it’s still Monday.

This edition of Chaos in the Planes revolves about my bizarre ability of shifting cards into Black. Seriously, most of the shifts i do always end up in Black, from whatever source they came from. I suppose it likely has something to do with my taste in artwork.

Fallen Piper is an obvious take on Elvish Piper. As a reminder, i try not to just make reprints on different colors but to change them up a bit as well. As it is, this one is probably too mana-costly compared to the original.

This one is older and slightly trickier, especially because of the completely different name, but in all ways except for a little “non-” it’s identical to the original, Sacred Mesa. I like how a little prefix completely changes the card’s behavior.

This one is completely obscure. The name of the original is hinted both in this one’s name and its flavor text. If you’ve seen a few posts of mine you’ll know that i take a lot of inspiration from Time Spiral, my first set. Still, even with all of these hints, i’d not expect anyone to remember Phantom Wurm. Why i did will remain a mystery even to myself.

Until next time!