Chaos in the Planes: Genderbending

Hello! Today’s edition of Chaos in the Planes is a bit different, in that instead of shifting colors i’m shifting genders. Specifically, the genders of two planeswalkers. Since only changing the art would be boring i also re-imagined them in aspects of their colors that the originals don’t explore.

Jessicka Beleren Stormborn Tiera the Fire-Blooded

The blue ‘walker focuses on Water, specifically the creature side of the element, whereas the red ‘walker focuses on the mana side of Fire inspired by cards like Firebreathing and Seething Song.

The third ability of Tiera in particular might be too cheap, but it was designed with multiples in mind. In contrast Jessicka’s third seems too weak after the new Liliana, but it was designed earlier. And yes, i’m not the best with names.

Until next time!