Chaos in the Planes: The Many Faces of Akroma

Hello! Welcome to Chaos in the Planes, wherein i take heavy inspiration from the Planar Chaos set and shift cards to other colors. They’re not just simple color shifts like the planeshifted cards but also tweaks in the mechanics to make them fit properly. Today i’ll be shifting one of my favorite creatures, one that has already been shifted before.


Let’s see how lady Akroma would look like in the other three colors, shall we? Having an already-shifted card is useful for this, as it allows us to break them down, see what they have in common, and realize how they were built in the first place. Let’s begin.

  • The first, obvious comparison is that they’re 6/6 angels for 8 mana. Simple.
  • Both have flying and trample, and only flying and trample, as common mechanics. That means the other three angels will have to have them as well.
  • Both have protection from two colors, their enemy colors. For those unfamiliar with the ally/enemy color relationship, it has to do with the flavor of each color and those it relates with the most. For example, White shares with Blue its love for order, against Red’s chaos, and it shares with Green its love of community, against Black’s selfishness. Each color has two allies and two enemies. An easy way to remember which are which is to look at a card’s back: the allied colors are those closest to it and the farthest are the enemies.

I know, the diagram’s awful.

The remaining three mechanics are trickier, and thus more fun to figure out:

  • Each has two mechanics from its color, that is, mechanics which often show up on that color. Angel of Wrath has White’s Vigilance and First Strike, whereas Angel of Fury has Red’s Firebreathing and uncounterability (is that a word?)
  • Finally, each has a mechanic from an enemy color. Angel of Wrath gets Red’s Haste while Angel of Fury gets Blue’s morph. Remember that the mechanic isn’t unique to the color, it just shows up often on it.

Now that we know how they were built, we can build our very own almost-legitimate Akromas. I’ll run down through the three unique mechanics i chose for each color:

  • Green got regeneration and hexproof, plus Black’s Fallen Angel ability.
  • Blue got flash and curiosity (draw a card when it damages a player), plus Green’s land untapping (which is also in Blue; i’m not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing).
  • Black got deathtouch and intimidate (originally fear, i changed it to match how the game is now), plus White’s lifelink (which, again, is also in Black).

Before showing up the cards, there were two more things i had to take care of: a name, and fitting artwork.
The former was spent around a thesaurus, trying to come up with things that made sense for each color. I ended up with Judgement for Green, Reckoning for Blue and Vengeance for Black. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more fitting titles i didn’t think of.
As for the artwork, that’s always the hardest part in this sort of card-making since i have no control on what i can find. My only requirements were a depiction of a female angel wielding a weapon, preferably a sword, and a color palette or outfit that matched the card’s color and feel. Here are my final results:


I think the green and blue ones in particular might be too good. Speaking of too good: i wonder what a five-color Akroma would look like?

Heh, this is fun. Let me leave you with one more piece of randomness:

Come on, she looks just like Akroma in that picture! That’s the first thing i thought when i looked at it anyway; i wonder what that says about me.
Either way, until next time!