Guesstimating: Kaya

Hello! The latest Magic story introduced us to a new planeswalker, and i made a card for her (spoilers for the story will follow).

Kaya is a ghostbuster! From the story she strikes me as primarily blue, the Rogue side of blue, with a minor in illusionism.
I don’t know her motives well enough to guess a secondary from, but the way she Flickers/Phases/Shadows in and out of existence, her specific profession, and her apparent sense of justice, all make me guess that she is blue/white.

Kaya Ghost Assassin

I based her first and third abilities off her combat style. The wording of the first ability is basically the wording of Shadow, and can be equally useful on both your creatures and your opponent’s.
The third ability is basically mass Flicker. The “once each turn” rider had to be there to avoid a cost for the flicker, as i really wanted that zero.
Also, the full card name comes from the wallpaper that was released with the story.

Until next time!