Guesstimating: Journey into Nyx Gods

Hello! Journey into Nyx previews start tomorrow, so i thought i’d post my own guesses of what the five remaining God cards could be like, just for kicks.

These guesstimations are based off the information provided in the Planeswalker’s Guides and the Theros novel. Based on previous cards, it’s also fair to assume that the Gods will be indestructible, have a devotion requirement of 7, have a converted mana cost of 4 or 5, and have their power/toughness around the 6/6 range.

Athreos God of Passage Keranos God of Storms

Athreos’ effect should have something to do with the graveyard or death triggers, since His job is the ferrying of the dead. This effect is very simple and i doubt they’d go with it, but for some reason it’s the one i had the most trouble with.

Keranos’, on the other hand, is probably my favorite, joining His domains of prophecy and storms. For added chaos i thought of having the effect on each upkeep for that player’s library and creatures, including Keranos’ controller, but that might have made it a little underpowered (and overpowered in multiplayer).

Pharika God of Affliction Iroas God of Victory

Pharika is the God of both poison and medicine, so this effect should be fairly obvious. I played around with +1/+1 counters but this felt more elegant.

I wanted to play off your creatures dealing damage to opponents to represent Iroas’ domain of victory, but couldn’t come up with something splashy enough, so i basically pulled an Assemble the Legion. I would’ve preferred red/white tokens with haste rather than having them attack blindly, but there were already Soldier tokens in Born of the Gods so i reused those.

Kruphix God of Horizons

Kruphix is tricky. His primary domains are horizons and time, the first of which is a little vague and the second of which is a little overpowered, mechanics-wise. Kruphix is the God who brought about the Silence, effectively removing the Gods from Theros and binding them in Nyx; that’s what the effect represents. Not sure if overpowered, or underpowered, or even if the effect fits the colors. God of Mystery indeed.

Now you can join me in playing Preview Bingo! Whenever a preview comes out and i get the cost or power/toughness right, drink a shot (of whatever, i’ll be using water). Whenever i get the whole effect right, drink an entire bottle (and yell bingo, i guess, should have called it something else). Enjoy the previews, until next time!