Guesstimating: Sigarda VS The World!

Hello! Shadows over Innistrad previews have just started, so let’s make some guesses before the actual cards are spoiled!

I just finished reading through the latest Magic Story page (and so should you, as spoilers will follow). It’s a classic angels war setting, with Avacyn leading most of the angels against the entire plane, and a few dissidents that stand against her.
According to the story, the leader of these dissidents will be Sigarda, who recognizes the madness in Avacyn and doesn’t fall in line like her sisters (there’s also a mention to their fourth sister, presumably the missing white/black piece of the cycle, and it’s a safe assumption that this casual mention will result in her coming back sooner or later).
Based on this, I’m guesstimating that there will be another gold cycle of legendary angels like last time, but Sigarda will be different from the others. Something like Bruna and Gisela having delirium, while Sigarda is meta against it:

Bruna Medium of Virtue Gisela Instrument of Justice Sigarda Resolute

Bruna and Gisela’s new art hasn’t been spoiled yet (assuming they’re in the set). All the cards were designed based on their previous iterations.
Limiting Bruna to Auras felt restrictive, so i used a similar effect that would also apply to instants and sorceries. Discarding triggers madness, and scrying lets you get more targeted spells.
Gisela’s triggers were both based on her previous abilities, which increased damage to your opponents and limited damage to you, the latter being a pseudo-vigilance since actual vigilance wouldn’t work with an attack trigger.
Sigarda brings her host to fight against the delirious, and keeps graveyards free from any further corruption (but can’t heal existing delirium).

I might guesstimate some more stuff depending on how the story progresses. Until then!