Guesstimating: Tamiyo 2

Hello! Today i continue to hope against hope for a new Tamiyo in Eldritch Moon.

Filling the Gaps: Two-Color Iconics, part 1

Hello! In today’s post, I attempt to make every two-color iconic that hasn’t been made yet.

Card Dump: Custom Planeswalkers 2

Hello! Today i bring you a couple more planeswalker cards.

Lore of the Folk: Puss in Boots

Hello! Today’s card is adorably terrifying.

Final Fantasy: Espers III

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few more summoned creatures.

Card Dump: Best Offense

Hello! Today’s cards think defense is the best offense.

Card Dump: Artifact Wars

Hello! Today’s creatures play around with artifact creatures.

Lore Ipsum: Chained by Love

Hello! Today’s cards both bind their targets.

Pretty Reprints: Excruciation

Hello! Today’s cards seem pretty painful.