Lore Ipsum: Greek God cycle part 1

Hello! Today i’m showing off cards from another segment of my personal Multiverse i like to call Lore. All cards in that segment are born from real myths and try to reflect them… Continue reading

Card Dump: Artist cycles

Hello! There are times when looking at an image doesn’t speak enough to me to make a card out of it, and it’s not until i see another similar image from the same… Continue reading

Chaos in the Planes: The Many Faces of Akroma

Hello! Welcome to Chaos in the Planes, wherein i take heavy inspiration from the Planar Chaos set and shift cards to other colors. They’re not just simple color shifts like the planeshifted cards but… Continue reading

Card Dump: French Vanilla or Lack of inspiration

Hello! Today i’ll be discussing vanilla creatures and how i feel about them. First and foremost, though, i should explain what i’m talking about. Disclaimer: i don’t know the artist for some of these images,… Continue reading

Build-a-mechanic: Protect creature

Hello! Today i’ll be talking about custom mechanics with one that i created years ago and eventually scrapped. Disclaimer: all of these cards are quite old and i couldn’t find the artist for… Continue reading

Card Dump: Top 5

Hello, welcome back! Card Dump is a segment where i show a few cards off my personal tiny-scaled Multiverse. These posts will be smaller from now on since they’re not nearly as in-depth as… Continue reading

Building a custom set part 5: Overview

Hello! I’m almost out of things to say about my Binding of Isaac set, after talking about its creatures, items and cycles. Today i’m gonna finish up the segment by looking at the… Continue reading

Building a custom set part 4: Cycles

Hello! We’ve already been through the core aspects of my Binding of Isaac set: creatures and items. Today i’m going to take you through one of my favorite features: cycles.

Building a custom set part 3: Items

Hello! Last time i laid out the creatures of my Binding of Isaac set. Today i’m going to take you through the several types of items i defined.