Card Dump: Creature Discount

Hello! Today’s cards let you cast creatures cheaper. Advertisements

Lore Ipsum: Dionysus

Hello! Today’s card follows the life of Dionysus.

Pretty Reprints: Artifacts 2

Hello! Today i bring you a few more artifact reprints.

Card Dump: One Word

Hello! Today’s cards are simple single-word-named cards.

Final Fantasy: Spells II

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few more magic spells.

Card Dump: Memory Management

Hello! Today’s cards meddle with their targets’ memories.

Pretty Reprints: Planeswalkers

Hello! Today i bring you a few planeswalkers drawn by the same artist.

Lore Ipsum: Hair of Immortality

Hello! Today’s card follows the myth of one fabulous individual.

Card Dump: Dispel

Hello! Today’s cards remove abilities from creatures.

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