Computer engineering graduate, studying video game design. Native portuguese, fluent in english. Dislike using capital Is in the middle of sentences; it just feels arrogant.

I’m passionate about videogames. My goal is to become a game designer but truly i just want to be in the industry in any possible way, even if that means being behind a Gamestop counter or serving coffee to Casey Hudson.

Professionally my most honed skills are currently in object-oriented programming and logic. I am fond of narrative writing, storyboard planning, really any creative position, but i am also willing and fully expecting to learn about any other area i may be of use in.

Socially i keep to myself and don’t often interact unless needed, but i am also attentive and inquisitive when something piques my interest. My hobbies other than videogames include Magic: the Gathering, TV shows and movies (though not as much as i’d wish), and attending/recording metal concerts.

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