Final Fantasy: Heroes IV

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few more cards based on the main playable characters of the series.

Rosa Farrell Vincent Valentine

IV: Rosa is a traditional white mage. We get quite a few of those, so for Rosa i decided to focus on protective spells. The +7 is a reference to Righteousness.

VII: Vincent is a sharpshooter, and his limit breaks have him turn into several types of beasts. The player has no control over his beast forms and he only reverts upon death, which is why he has Berserk and the previous abilities don’t carry over as they usually do in my cards.

Quistis Trepe Freya Crescent

VIII: Quistis is a blue mage, specializing in magic used by her enemies, which is why the card has you cast cards from your opponent’s library. The second ability is very niche and will usually only work with spells you cast with her first ability.

IX: Freya is a dragoon, a knight that attacks by doing gravity-defying jumps. Her card is pretty straightforward.

Until next time!