Lore Ipsum: Mopsus the Magnificent

Hello! Today’s card follows the myth of Tantalus and his weird ways.

As always, this myth was recently recounted in vlog form by Dael Kingsmill, which i highly recommend you watch before you proceed to the card. I won’t be covering the whole myth in detail, only the aspects my cards drew from, and she tells it far better than i ever could.

Mopsus was a renowned seer, rival of another renowned seer, Calchas. One day both of these seers were consulted by Amphilochus, who wished to know how he would fare in a war he was about to fight in. Mopsus foresaw great tragedy, while Calchas foresaw great fortune. Amphilochus decided to favor Calchas but ended up being proven wrong, and Calchas’ reputation took a hit. Calchas decided to challenge Mopsus to a seer-off to prove himself anew. When Mopsus proved to be the greater seer yet again, Calchas literally died of shame.
Now fully convinced of Mopsus’ skills, Amphilochus decided to entrust the reign of the city to him for a year, while he was absent. Upon his return, however, Mopsus refused to give the sovereignty back. They fought, and ended up killing each other. They ended up making peace in the afterlife, however, and their spirits would possess people who wished to know the future, speaking it out of their own mouths.

Mopsus the Magnificent

I wanted to represent the contest of seers in this card, without making it a sorcery that targeted two creatures or something similarly on the nose. The idea behind the mechanic is that Mopsus manipulated Calchas’ vision, making him see the wrong thing. It may not be the most accurate, but it’s mechanically interesting while still being flavorful.
The second ability represents his ghostly possessions, scrying out of a creature whenever it enters the battlefield.

Until next time!