Filling the Gaps: Two-Color Iconics, part 1

Hello! In today’s post, I attempt to make every two-color iconic that hasn’t been made yet.

Iconics are what we refer to when we talk about the traditional rare creature of a particular color. White has Angels, Blue Sphinxes, Red Dragons, Black Demons, and Green Hydras. Being a color’s iconics means they are most often mono-colored, but they’re given more colors when they want to make a particularly splashy creature. Every iconic has dabbled in multi-colored, but not all color pairs have been used for all of them. That’s where i’m stepping in!

Angels, Dragons, and Demons have been iconics since the game’s inception, so they have the most range of colors. Surprisingly, only Angels have dabbled in every color pair; not even Dragons, arguably the most popular creature type, have managed that. The game is currently lacking a Red-White Dragon, a Black-White Demon, and a Black-Green Demon (there is a black-green Rakshasa Demon, but not an iconic Demon):

Keeper of the Cycle Dragon Warden Broodhoarder Demon

Next week i’ll look into the remaining two iconics. Until then!