Card Dump: Custom Planeswalkers 2

Hello! Today i bring you a couple more planeswalker cards.

Ayami the Last Whisper Sparky Planeswalker

Ayami was designed as a ninja leader of sorts, so all her abilities revolve around creatures and ninjutsu-like abilities.

Sparky was an attempt at designing a one-mana planeswalker. The last ability was made with multiples in mind and is meant to be a callback to Akroma, hence the off-color keywords. White proved to not be the best color for this type of emblem because first strike and vigilance don’t make a lot of sense for an indestructible creature that “disappears” at end of turn (in my defense, i came up with this at 2AM as i was trying to fall asleep). Red might have been better, making trample and haste on-color while adding menace and prowess for example, but red doesn’t tend to get 2/1 for R. So in truth this really wanted to be both white and red, which I guess proves why one-mana planeswalkers are tricky. Here’s a modified version with those considerations in mind:

Sparky Planeswalker

Until next time!