Final Fantasy: Espers III

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few more summoned creatures.

Carbuncle Odin

Carbuncle is a recurring summon in the series. It buffs your party when summoned, most often with Reflect (which reflects spells back at the caster).
Odin is another classic, instantly killing every opponent when summoned.

Knights of Round Brothers

VII: Knights of Round is the ultimate summon in FF7, and by far one of the most devastating attacks in the game. It summons thirteen knights who each deal separate damage to all opponents.
VIII: The Brothers are both a summon and a boss in FF8. When summoned they just deal earth damage, so I decided to represent the ability they’re most known for instead. During their boss battle, they constantly regenerate health as long as they’re touching the ground; to avoid this, the player must cast Float on them.

Until next time!