Lore Ipsum: Baldr’s Fate

Hello! Today’s cards play with indestructibility.

As always, this myth was recently recounted in vlog form by Dael Kingsmill, which i highly recommend you watch before you proceed to the cards. I won’t be covering the whole myth in detail, only the aspects my cards drew from, and she tells it far better than i ever could. Let’s get started!


One morning, the Norse god Baldr woke up from a prophetic dream, in which he saw his own death. Distraught by this news, the other gods decided in near unison to prevent this fate from ever happening, and so made every animate and inanimate being in the realm swear an oath to never harm Baldr. Weapons and rocks thrown at him would deliberately swerve to miss him entirely. Everything subscribed to this oath except mistletoe, which was considered too young and irrelevant to matter. Loki came to learn of this and, being Loki, promptly decided to take it upon himself to end Baldr’s immortality. He fashioned an arrow from mistletoe and had Höðr, a blind god and brother of Baldr, throw the arrow at Baldr. Throwing things at Baldr had become a popular pastime and so, not knowing what he was holding, Höðr complied. The arrow flew true and struck Baldr, killing him instantly.

Vow to Baldr Mistletoe Arrow

The cards are both straightforward, but both needed some tweaks for the sake of balance.
To best match the flavor, the aura should have whatever would hit the creature be removed from combat instead of the creature who the aura is attached to, but that would be far too good for the mana cost (you could block anything with no ill effects, and attacking with trample would be basically unblockable). I wanted this to be a cheaper alternative to indestructibility auras, so that comes at the cost of being unable to attack or block in some cases.
As for the arrow, the effect is strong but very niche-y, so i kept the mana cost high but made it a cantrip so you could sideboard it in more easily.


Until next time!