Final Fantasy: Heroes III

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few more cards based on the main playable characters of the series.

Black Mage of Light Rydia

I: The classic Black Mage is known for their damaging and debilitating spells, which the abilities represent.

IV: Rydia’s card is also straightforward: she’s a summoner, and her entire story revolves around summoned creatures.

Yuffie Kisaragi Aldebert Steiner

VII: Yuffie is a notable materia thief, so stealing artifacts had to be in her skillset. Stealing equipment directly from creatures isn’t commonly done; the equipment stays attached to the creature until you re-equip it, which may be confusing and why it’s not done, but the text was already too long to specify otherwise.

IX: Steiner is a traditional knight until he asks Vivi, the party black mage, to imbue his sword with spells. The plan works and Steiner gains the abilities of a spellblade, but only when Vivi is also in the party.

Lulu Snow

X: Lulu is a traditional black mage but is also notable for being the only character in the series who uses dolls to attack, so i wanted to represent that.

XIII: Snow is not a knight in the traditional sense, but his skillset mainly revolves around protecting himself and his allies.

Esper Esper 2 Doll

Until next time!