Lore Ipsum: Prolonged Fates

Hello! Today’s cards both come from myths that deal with inevitability.

As always, both of these myths were recently recounted in vlog form by Dael Kingsmill, which i highly recommend you watch before you proceed to the cards (links to the specific vlogs will follow). I won’t be covering the whole myths in detail, only the aspects my cards drew from, and she tells them far better than i ever could. Let’s get started!


Impending Doom

During the events of the Norse creation myth, two human children were born: Sunna and Máni. So fair were these children that the gods elected them to act as guides to the sun and the moon, continuously riding chariots that carried the celestial bodies across the sky. Elsewhere, a giantess gave birth to a brood of wolves. Two of these wolves, Sköll and Hati, were unleashed upon the sun and the moon, forever chasing them and forever getting just a little closer. When they finally meet, the wolves will devour them and the events of Ragnarök will begin.

Chase the Moon

I had some trouble coming up with a card for this myth, and so ended up with a very straightforward one: make a wolf, wolf bites you, end of the world. It respawns the wolf if it dies before completing its task to symbolize the perpetual chase.


Imminent Birth

The myth begins like so many other Greek myths: someone is pregnant with Zeus’ child. This time it was the giantess Leto and, as always, Hera was not pleased. She enacted her vengeance by decreeing that Leto was forbidden to give birth on any ground lit by the sun. To try and get around this decree, Leto boarded a raft and prepared to give birth sailing across the ocean. Hera wasn’t done, however, and sicced the massive sea serpent Python on her. Zeus commanded Boreas, god of the northern wind, to safely whisk her away to Poseidon. Poseidon had her carried to the island of Delos and created a dome of water around it, which both prevented Python’s approach and blocked out the light of the sun, allowing Leto to give birth to Artemis and Apollo.

Decree of Hera

I wanted to come up with a card that had a built-in loophole but couldn’t think of one. You can still manipulate it with scry and the like, though.


Until next time!