Final Fantasy: Espers II

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few more summoned creatures.

Ifrit ChocoMog

Ifrit is one of the classic recurring summoned creatures, appearing in the vast majority of games in the series. When summoned, it engulfs the battlefield in flames.
VII: Choco/Mog is the first summon available in FF7. It summons Mog riding on Choco, which trample the opposing party. This card was an experiment on making evoke without an enters-the-battlefield ability, taking inspiration from bestow.

Diablos Yojimbo

VIII: Early in FF8 you are given a magical lamp; using this lamp will trap your party in a pocket dimension with Diablos, who is acquired as a summoned creature upon defeat. I wanted to represent this pocket dimension somehow, hence the exiling/flickering effect.
X: Yojimbo is a mercenary that, when summoned, will deal one of four attacks depending on how much money is paid to it. This is represented by the optional mana payments. Since the payment is fixed, i used a card reveal to represent the different attacks instead.

Until next time!