Lore Ipsum: Peculiar Pursuits

Hello! Today’s cards are inspired by weird, weird quests.

As always, both of these myths were recently recounted in vlog form by Dael Kingsmill, which i highly recommend you watch before you proceed to the cards (links to the specific vlogs will follow). I won’t be covering the whole myths in detail, only the aspects my cards drew from, and she tells them far better than i ever could. Let’s get started!


Immortal Support

Apollo got into trouble off-screen for complicated reasons, and was forced to serve a mortal for a year. This mortal, Admetus, fancied a girl whose father would only let her marry someone who could bind a lion and a boar to the same chariot (alive, presumably). Apollo, glad to help, promptly turned up the full lion-boar-chariot package, and Admetus got his wife. Romantic stuff.

Lion-Boar Yoke

A simple card for a weird concept. The creature you control is the boar, and the creature you don’t control is the lion; bind them together for a prize!


Mortal Compliance

Zeus kidnapped the princess Europa off-screen, and her family set out all across Europe to try to find her. However, some time after they set out, one by one they would get an irresistible urge to stop the search and found a city; as one died, another would take their place. Cadmus, brother of Europa, thought they were all weird and headed off to meet the Oracle, hoping to get some knowledge of his sister’s location. The Oracle promptly told Cadmus to stop the search and found a city.

Through a series of bizarre events, involving following a cow and killing a dragon, Cadmus was prompted by Athena to collect the teeth of the fallen beast and sow them like seeds. From these dragon teeth sprang fully armed warriors, the Spartoi. Cadmus freaked out and threw a stone at them, at which point they started slaughtering each other, thinking one of them had been the attacker. They eventually calmed down when only five remained, and helped Cadmus finally found his city, Thebes.

Quest for Europa Spartoi

Any player who embarks on the Quest for Europa will get distracted and feel the need to find land instead. This type of library lock effect tends to be white/blue, and its conditional nature (doesn’t affect players who are searching for basic land anyway) feels more white.
The Spartoi are fierce warriors who can be summoned after a creature is felled and its teeth sown, but they will promptly turn on their allies if attacked.
I like that both of these cards are rather silly if you know the accompanying story, but look perfectly ordinary otherwise.


Until next time!