Final Fantasy: Overdrives II

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few more Overdrive cards.

As a quick reminder, Overdrive cards are special character-specific abilities, which i represent as spells that require tapping a creature you control to be cast. I realized somewhere down the line that i’d forgotten the word “untapped” in the overdrive costs, which was kinda missing the point; new cards will reflect that, and i’ll update the ones already in the set gallery. On to the cards!

Galian Beast Beast Blasting Zone

VII: Galian Beast is one of Vincent’s limit breaks, which transform him into an uncontrollable creature for the remainder of the fight. A polymorph effect seemed logical.

VIII: Blasting Zone turns Squall’s gunblade into a huge beam of light, which he crashes down on his enemies.

Grand Summon Army of One

X: Grand Summon allows Yuna to summon an aeon with a full overdrive bar, allowing them to use their special ability right away. While summoned creatures remain on the battlefield in FFX, i wanted to reinforce their special ability, which is represented in my Esper cards as the effect when they enter the battlefield. It also allowed me to create an interesting creature tutor.

XIII: Army of One is a standard multi-attack ability, which is a traditional overdrive in the series and consequently makes them tricky to differentiate. For this one i took the name literally and had the creature make copies of itself to deal the multiple strikes, which i’m sure can also be used for a lot of shenanigans.

Until next time!