Final Fantasy: Fiends

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few boss battle creatures. Spoiler warning!

Marilith Barbariccia

In Final Fantasies I, IV, and IX, the term Fiend refers specifically to four entities who are summoned by a main villain to do their bidding.
I/IX: Marilith is one of my favorite cards, simple yet deceptively powerful. The ability, of course, represents her six arms and swords striking at once. The rules text is adapted from the reminder texts of first/double strike so i believe it’s accurate. Note that all her damage is regular combat damage, not first strike.
IV: Barbariccia is the elemental fiend of wind. She has the ability to turn into a tornado in combat, during which she will counter-attack all physical attacks.

Jenova Synthesis Black Waltz

VII: Synthesis is Jenova’s final form, after it reaches Sephiroth and reunites with its head (long story). After being dealt enough damage, it will charge and spend its remaining power to cast Ultima, destroying itself in the process.
IX: In FF9, Black Mages are living constructs created from Mist. The Black Waltzes are three powerful and volatile Black Mages created specifically to find and recover Garnet. I based their cards on this legendary-but-not-quite aspect, inspired by Brothers Yamazaki.

Tonberry King Lord Ochu

Of course, boss battles aren’t always important plot points and can just be a random stronger monster.
VIII: The Tonberry are known for walking around the battlefield, instantly killing a party member with their knife once they’re close enough. The Tonberry King, ironically, isn’t the most representative of its race, and doesn’t walk about at all. In fact it’s unfortunately not a terribly notable enemy, but i just loved that artwork. The ability represents one of its attacks, which deals damage equal to the number of monsters the party killed times 30. I tuned it down a little.
X: Lord Ochu will fall asleep during battle to restore its own health. If woken up with a physical attack, it will counter-attack the party. I chose to use non-combat damage to avoid triggering the ability with blockers, however.

Until next time!