Lore Ipsum: Hunting Reptiles

Hello! Today’s cards both come from myths wherein the protagonist is busy disturbing reptiles.

As usual, both of these myths were recently recounted in vlog form by Dael Kingsmill of Geek & Sundry, which i highly recommend you watch before you proceed to the cards (links to the specific vlogs will follow). I won’t necessarily be covering the whole myths, only the aspects my cards drew from, and she tells them far better than me anyway. Let’s get started!


Snake’s Revenge

One sunny afternoon, Tiresias was strolling up a mountain path when he came upon a pair of snakes in the midst of a mating ritual. Being apparently a massive prude, he took up a stick and whacked on the snakes until they separated and went their way. Meanwhile, Hera, being apparently an animal voyeur, was watching the scene and was none too pleased with this conclusion. She decided to punish Tiresias by transforming him into a woman. Tiresias adapted quickly to this new form, even getting married and having children.

Seven years later, Tiresias once again came upon a pair of mating snakes during an afternoon stroll, and once again took it upon him(her?)self to end that nonsense with a stick. Hera, who apparently only has one type of punishment for those who disturb her voyeurism, promptly transformed Tiresias back into a male form.
Tiresias would go on to become a famous blind seer and inspire every single story ever, but that falls beyond the scope of this card:

Spite of Hera

This is essentially a Mass Polymorph for creatures that attacked, hence the white cost. Not exactly gender swapping, but there was no mechanical way to represent that. It’s also meant to potentially start an X of God cycle.


Dragon Warrior

Moore was a jerk. Picking fights for no good reason, punching horses and eating them raw. However, we was also the only skilled knight in the town of Wantley, which was being plagued by a vicious dragon for quite some time. And so, Moore of Moore Hall was asked to slay the dragon once and for all. In preparation for this fight, he had a custom armor made with large spikes protruding from every surface. The battle lasted for two days with none of the battlers gaining an edge, until Moore managed to dodge around the dragon and kick its butt with his spiked boot. As it turns out, that was the only part of its body not protected by impenetrable scales, and the dragon proceeded to die on the spot. Charming.

Moore of Moore Hall

This card was pretty straightforward, with Moore’s spiked armor dealing preemptive damage to opposing creatures and exploiting dragons’ weak spots. Originally he dealt 2 damage to opposing creatures, which was strictly better with deathtouch, but i changed it to minus toughness to keep it in mono-black. The image was also surprisingly easy to find. I wonder why.


Until next time!