Final Fantasy: Heroes II

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few more cards based on the main playable characters of the series.

White Mage of Light Kain Highwind

I: The moniker “Warrior of Light” is meant to represent any crystal warrior from the first game, regardless of their class. However, since Warrior of Light in Dissidia is a Warrior, i made it canon that the moniker refers to the actual class. Hence, White Mage of Light et al. Her abilities represent the Cure, Protect and Dia families of spells, which heal, prevent damage, and damage undead respectively.
IV: Kain’s remove from combat abilities represent his Jump. I looked up the rules to make sure this works: First strike creates a separate combat damage step and players can act between first strike damage and regular damage, i.e. Kain can deal first strike damage then be safely removed from the second damage step. The ability is traditionally white but is meant as a “safe retreat” mechanic, whereas this has a harrier function, so i thought it was different enough for mono-black.

Mog Red XIII

VI: Mog’s ability is meant to represent his Dance, which uses one of four skills chosen at random. The skill pool varies depending on what type of battlefield he’s in, so landfall seemed fitting.
VII: Red’s abilities represent his Limit Break buffs, namely Lunatic High and Howling Moon, which grant haste and increase attack power respectively.

Vivi Orunitia Tidus

IX: Vivi is a black mage, so he has to have direct damage. The copy ability represents his trance, Double Black, which allows him to cast two spells in succession.
X: Tidus’ evasion represents his blitzballing and general over-the-top swordplaying skills.

Oerba Yun Fang Mustadio Bunansa

XIII: Fang’s second ability is a somewhat convoluted way of representing her Saboteur paradigm, which is used to debuff opponents.
Tactics: Mustadio’s abilities represent his Machinist skills, Leg Shot and Arm Shot, which immobilize and disable opponents respectively.

That’s it for this showcase. Some games in the series continue to not have hero cards, the ones i’m least familiar with/there’s less artwork of, but they’ll show up eventually. Until next time!