Card Dump: I Watch Too Much TV

Hello! I watch all* of the TV shows, so it was inevitable that they would end up inspiring me to make cards. Today i bring you a couple of cards that came to my mind while watching Sleepy Hollow and Constantine (potential minor spoilers).

Curse of the Wendigo

From Sleepy Hollow 2×06, “And The Abyss Gazes Back”. A person with this curse will transform into a Wendigo when they see blood, and will revert back to a human after feeding on their victims’ organs. I think this works, rules-wise, and the Aura stays attached after being transformed, but i’m not positive.

Devils Vinyl

From Constantine 1×03, “The Devil’s Vinyl”. The vinyl takes over the mind of whoever listens to its music, forcing them to spread chaos and destruction. It might be broken (that was kind of a pun).

I considered making another segment specific for pop culture-inspired cards, but i don’t make them often enough for some reason. That may change eventually. Until next time!