Lore Ipsum: Divine Whims

Hello! Today’s cards deal with the odd quests of gods to fulfill their odd whims.

As usual, both of these myths were recently recounted in vlog form by Dael Kingsmill of Geek & Sundry, which i highly recommend you watch before you proceed to the cards (links to the specific vlogs will follow). I won’t necessarily be covering the whole myths, only the aspects my cards drew from, and she tells them far better than me anyway. Let’s get started!


Party mood

Once upon a time, the Norse Gods, being Norse Gods, were having a party. It wasn’t long before someone became parched, and they realized they were all out of ale. Thor and Týr were elected to go on a beer run, which led to their invasion of the home of the Sea God Ægir, a quest for an enormous pot, fishing Jörmungandr, and frankly the most insane story i’ve ever heard. You really have to watch the vlog for this one, guys. For our purposes (and because these posts do tend to get quite long), suffice it to say that the Gods had their party and Ægir was forced to brew ale until Ragnarök.

Frolic of the Gods

The flavor of the card is simple: as long as there is ale, everyone’s happy and motivated; if it runs out, they will start breaking stuff in protest until more ale arrives, or the party ends. The concept came to me quickly, but the exact wording took a bit of work. The card is tricky to maintain, especially in early game, so i made sure to have the counter cost be not too high to maintain but not too low to easily get multiples, and have it enter the battlefield with a counter to work as a more aggressive Orcish Oriflamme for at least a turn. I’ve been trying to give more thought to these development decisions, especially because i have no way to playtest the cards, and while i still have no good way to know if i’m in the right track i like to think there’s been some evolution.


Thieving mood

Once upon a time, the Greek God Hermes was born. Like most babies, Hermes cried, slept, and had a serious case of kleptomania. A few hours after being born, he sprung out of his crib and headed to the outside world with a caper in mind. He was briefly distracted by a turtle, which he proceeded to MURDER AND CRAFT A LYRE OUT OF ITS STILL WARM SHELL before continuing on his merry way to Apollo’s place. There he enacted his masterplan to steal Apollo’s cattle, by giving them boots, herding them backwards, tying leaves to the cows’ tails to wipe their tracks, and making some twig sandals for himself, accomplishing all of this before the break of dawn.

For all his trouble, however, everyone knew who was to blame. Luckily for him, Apollo adored Hermes’ lyre and agreed to trade his cows for it, along with his trademarked caduceus, and they became best buds. One day old.

Cradle to Caper

This card also came to me really quickly, this time completely formed: your creature is “born” and immediately steals something from someone. Note that the stolen permanents don’t untap or get haste so this isn’t as powerful as it might seem at first glance, the cost may even be too high. I reckon its most common use would be to steal blockers.

Until next time!