Final Fantasy: Abilities

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few active and passive abilities.

Active abilities are essentially the equivalent of magic for non-mages. That means they’re most often represented in the same way as magic spells i’ve previously shown: in Instant or Sorcery form.

Cover Northswains Strike Steal

Note that Cover has appeared as both an active and a passive ability throughout the series, but in either case its purpose is to have a character take damage in place of an ally. The retribution kicker was just added to make the card more appealing.

Northswain’s Strike is a Holy Sword ability in Final Fantasy Tactics which, in addition to dealing damage, has the chance of outright killing the target. Due to the timing of the card’s first effect (before combat damage), under most conditions the creature that was dealt damage by it is the only valid target for destruction, but i made the effects separate to allow for shenanigans. Note that it doesn’t have kicker because the effect is always possible (but not certain) in the base ability, not just in a superior version of it. Mechanically there’s not a lot of difference, but i felt the flavor distinction made more sense.

I chose to give level up to Steal to represent the Mug command, which deals damage in addition to attempting to steal an item. Since the effect for Steal already required combat damage, i just made it more effective. The cost might be too cheap, as there isn’t that much precedence for this effect.


Passive abilities, on the other hand, are essentially permanent buffs that confer the character some sort of advantage for as long as they’re equipped. In that sense they’re most often represented in the same way as buffs/debuffs i’ve previously shown: in Aura form.

Elemental Dragonheart Enemy Lure

Elemental is a materia in Final Fantasy VII, that pairs with another materia to either give you an elemental attack or an elemental defense bonus. Defense is protection, and attack is essentially having the creature be that color.

Dragonheart is a Dragoon ability in Final Fantasy Tactics that gives the character auto-life, i.e. regeneration. Since that’s primarily green and i wanted the card to be red, i chose to give it the conditional flying as well, which can represent the Dragoon’s Ignore Elevation ability. However, flying-granting, even conditionally and/or thematically, is not in red’s slice of the color pie, which forced me to add blue and make red’s ability firebreathing. So you might say i strayed a bit from the source on this one.

Enemy Lure became a global enchantment because it didn’t feel like a Lure effect to me; it’s something you equip when you want to be attacked more often, not something you use as a decoy. Plus, another plug for my keyword.


Until next time!