Final Fantasy: Spells

Hello! Today’s quick addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few magic spells.

There’s not a lot to be said about magic spells that I didn’t cover in my set introduction post. Many spells in the game have superior versions (e.g. Fire-Fira-Firaga), and instead of having separate cards for each i represent the progression either with Level Up, in the case of permanents (buffs and debuffs), or Kicker in the case of instants and sorceries.

Cure Thunder

Of course, not all spells are created equal, and some only have a single version, either because they’re too simple, or because they’re too powerful.

Float Meteor

Yes, i know Tifa’s not actually floating in that image, but it looks perfect in the context. Note that using official artwork/screencaps is something i try to avoid, but it will happen on occasion because there’s only so many fan-artists i can stalk on deviantART.

There are also cases of spells with single forms that i tweak into having a multiple form feel. This is for mechanical rather than flavor reasons, but sometimes it works both ways for particularly flashy spells.

Berserk Ultima

Yes, i will continue to plug my berserk keyword whenever i can. Until next time!