Lore Ipsum: Kings

Hello! Today i bring you a couple of cards based on kings immortalized in legend:

Sebastian Sleeping King Erysichthon of Thessaly

Long-time readers may notice i’ve decided to get rid of the Fourth Edition wording i used in my previous Lore cards. Restricting myself to that wording stifled my creativity for no actual gain (i will miss Summon Legend though), and modern wording allows me to use keyworded mechanics in a less confusing way. The old card frame still looks awesome, though, so that’s staying.

Sebastian is one of the better-known Portuguese kings because of the myth surrounding his death. He became king at a very young age and longed to lead his own wars and crusades. The first time he did so, it was a massive defeat and he was lost in battle. His body was never recovered, however, leading the people to believe that the king still lived and would one day return, in a misty morning, to deliver Portugal from whatever peril we might be facing at the time. That the myth is still recited to this day probably says a lot about us.
The abilities should be self-explanatory; upon vanishing in combat, the Sleeping King fades into mist to return on the planeswalker’s hour of need. Or, you know, not at all.

Erysichthon came to my attention because of a recent vlog by Dael Kingsmill, which you should watch because she explains his myth much better than i ever could. Essentially, he was a bloodthirsty king who longed for war, and in times of peace vented his aggression by chopping down trees. One of those trees was protected by the Goddess Demeter, who cursed him with an insatiable famine. After eating everything in his kingdom’s reserves, he ended up meeting death by his own teeth.
The cumulative upkeep ability represents Erysichthon’s escalating and inevitably self-consuming hunger. I added haste to ensure he got to attack at least once, and the green trampling (tree chopping) ability was just fun.

Until next time!