Final Fantasy: Jobs part 2

Hello! Today i bring you the second half of my Final Fantasy Hero cards, based on the Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions jobs.

The Geomancer The Dragoon

The Geomancer uses the power of the land to attack their enemies. The odd wording comes from the fact that Hero cards can’t (as far as i know) deal damage, so i had the land deal the damage instead because there are precedents for that.
The Dragoon is able to jump to unnatural heights for an extended period of time and land on any target. The ability is too strong to be reused at will but not strong enough to be a one-time effect, so the mana cost was a compromise (that might still be too strong).

The Orator The Summoner

The Orator uses speech skills for a myriad of effects, the most notable of which being the recruiting of characters and monsters into your party.
The Summoner calls upon mystical beings to do their bidding. I wanted to do a Heartless Summoning-like effect and thought the one-turn effect would be an interesting restriction, while reflecting the game’s Summon spells. This is a particularly hard card to judge, as it asks you to build your deck around it, and is probably quite powerful.

The Samurai The Ninja

The Samurai is able to summon the souls of their weapons to varying effects, often breaking them in the process.
The Ninja is adept at throwing all sorts of items to inflict damage on their targets. Like the Geomancer, the wording was used to avoid having the Hero card deal the damage.

The Dancer The Bard

The Dancer and the Bard are similar and parallel jobs. Both their skills involve a performance with a global effect, the Dances harming their enemies and the Bardsongs uplifting their party. The creature sacrificing is just for power issues, very loosely representing the creature leaving the battle to perform.

The Arithmetician The Mime

The Arithmetician is a bizarre job. They are able to freely cast any spell but that spell must follow very specific restrictions, like hitting only every character with a level that is a prime number, or every character whose experience points are a multiple of 3. Extremely powerful in the right conditions, but rather unpredictable. As it stands this card doesn’t work for instants or sorceries; i thought about adding an additional graveyard clause for them but it felt too convoluted.
The Mime is also a strange job; they have no abilities of their own, being able only to mimic the action last used by another party member. It’s the ultimate wildcard, with the potential of being completely useless or extremely versatile. Incidentally this was the only image i found with a decent resolution, for some reason.

The Onion Knight The Dark Knight

These final two are War of the Lions-exclusive jobs. The Onion Knight is a reference to the default job in the original Final Fantasy III (and an unlockable job in the 3D remake); it has no skills to speak of, but can equip anything. The card is probably broken beyond my imagining.
The Dark Knight was a job exclusive to a guest party member in the original version of Tactics. The new version expands on the original by adding the classic mechanic the series has come to associate with the job: spending health points to deal increased damage. I didn’t want to restrict the ability to a once per turn activation, so a once per creature each turn felt like a good way to get around that, while keeping the power level in check.

That concludes this small subset. It was a lot of fun to make, and i hope it made for some interesting reading. Until next time!