Card Dump: Tribal Lands

Hello! Today i bring you a full cycle of tribal lands.

Dryad Woods Knight Plateau Illusion Shores
Dragon Spires Demon Chasm

Tribal as a supertype has essentially been discontinued, but i thought it made for an interesting concept. All of the creature types were taken directly from the artwork (which is why you randomly get only two iconics out of the five) so i had to wait for them to come to me, rather than directly seeking out the art like in the Valkyries cycle. I’m surprised it was finished at all, to be honest.

The abilities are ones that you could associate with the creature types, even if there’s only one Dryad with reach and no Illusions with hexproof. The flavor is that the land creates an illusion of the creature, which the spell hits instead. The reason i didn’t just pick flying is that i didn’t want another offensive evasion ability, since black already had intimidate.

Until next time!