Card Dump: Ride of the Valkyries

Hello! Today i bring you a complete (!) cycle of Valkyries.

Valkyrie of Strength Valkyrie of Hope Valkyrie of Sorrow

Valkyrie of Vengeance Valkyrie of Wisdom

Valkyries are the closest thing Norse mythology has to angels (citation needed), and Magic has a precedent for that representation. They carry the worthy souls of those fallen in battle to their afterlife. The card’s flicker ability represents just that, with their effect and name representing their gift to the ones left behind.

I feel that the cards may be stretching the power level of uncommons, but six mana seemed too costly and they didn’t feel flashy enough to be rare. Incidentally, it took me forever to find artwork for all of them, the original concept coming from Valkyrie of Hope’s. Until next time!