An Hundred (or A Game Design Document in Magic Cards)

Hello! Today marks my hundredth post in this little blog thing, so i thought i’d do something different. The cards i bring you today are from a personal set that happens to double as a weird game design document, for a project named Shadow Chronicles.

You may or may not be aware that i’m a fledgling game designer, and Shadow Chronicles is a project that has been in the back of my mind for the better part of a decade. I won’t go into details about the game, as that isn’t the point of this post, but suffice it to say that over time i’ve come up with a lot of information for it. I don’t create game design documents for personal or small-teamed projects because i know the concepts by heart, but with a particularly complex project like this it’s always useful to have notes on specific names or events. So i accomplish this by going the most roundabout way possible: through Magic cards.

Wrath Woods Espenae Tenebrae

Mt. Purgatorio Amaranthine

The vast majority of the cards have a worldbuilding purpose. These five represent the five main locations that you’re made aware of in the story. Note that the only relevant thing here is the names (and, in a lesser way, the artwork, which doubles as a sort of concept art); the mechanics are obviously irrelevant to the game and are only fleshed out because i’m obsessed with Magic design.

Some cards come closer to actual fleshed out concepts in that they have a description of what they represent in-world, written through flavor text:

Requiem Maiden Riftgazer Pale Horse

These double as information on concepts that i don’t have cards for, like Styx or the Maelstrom. Other types of cards include story events, which i won’t share for obvious reasons, actual in-game spells, abilities or items, and characters:

Azura of Divine Arbitration.1 Vritra of Demonic Ablation

Night Shadow Lightseeker

You may or may not be aware that Night Shadow is the username i go by everywhere in the internet, and this project is the main reason for that. I suppose i should actually get it done while i’m still juvenile enough to get away with a game about my alter-ego. Thanks for reading, until next time!