Final Fantasy: Temporary Allies

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few playable characters that don’t stay in your party for long (spoilers ahead):


First FF II card! These are both very powerful allies that only stay in your party for a very short amount of time, Minwu at the beginning of the game and FuSoYa at the end.
Minwu’s first ability reflects both the battle system in FF II, where the spells level up independently, and his impressive repertoire of white magic. The second ability references the Dawn of Souls remake, where Minwu finds the Ultima spell tome in the afterlife.
FuSoYa’s first ability represents Regen/Bless, which in the game gradually restores HP/MP to the party, while the second represents his Twin Meteor spell used with Golbez.

Seifer AlmasyBeatrix

These two are notable in that they’re both party members and boss battles at some point. Seifer starts as an ally and turns pretty quickly, while Beatrix does the opposite. Again neither are playable for very long, but since they’re present for the whole game they get one more level tier than the previous two cards.
Seifer’s berserker ability isn’t particularly linked to any of his in-game skills and just reflects his viciousness, but the level 2 ability was based on the fire spells he casts before unleashing his limit breaks.
Beatrix’s level 4 ability represents her Holy Sword skills which regularly defeat the party when she’s fought against, and are the coolest thing ever when you get to play as her.

Until next time!