Final Fantasy: Lore

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few miscellaneous cards about story events (as always, possible spoilers).

Working with fan-art means that i often find more abstract artwork, or ones depicting story events, that wouldn’t fit as well, or at all, into the other archetypes (characters, spells, equipment, etc.). Thankfully every set needs its more generic cards, and that’s where those end up.

Perpetual Cycle Soul Sending

These are examples of plot-point cards, the first representing the Garland/Chaos eternal cycle in FF I, the second Yuna’s soul sending dance in FF X. I didn’t watermark Perpetual Cycle because it’s a more generic concept, whereas Soul Sending represents the specific event in the game.

Trance Jenova Wing

These are more worldbuilding than plot points, abilities or concepts that are a part of the game’s world and don’t occur in anyone or any-when in specific. Trance is the “limit broken” transformation as seen in FF VI and IX; the card might be overpowered. Jenova Wing represents the deterioration of subjects infused with Jenova cells, and the single wing that inevitably surfaces.

And then there’s the obvious card, that was probably the first one i made for the set:

Random Encounter

I don’t like the wording on the card but am unsure on how to fix it. Either way, that’s it for this installment. Until next time!