Final Fantasy: Artifacts

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few Artifact cards.

Artifacts are mostly equipment, weapons and armor shown throughout the games. They’re possibly the hardest type of card to make in this set since i work with pre-existing artwork, and most fanart uses the characters’ default gear. That means i have to take some liberties:

Shinra Beta Mop

Shinra Beta, like all “armor” in Final Fantasy VII, is actually an armlet, but i’m using the designation to represent non-SOLDIER Shinra armor. As for Mop… i know those are brooms, but the image is awesome and i had to make do. Mop’s ability, by the way, represents the weapon’s lack of materia slots.

Another issue is rarity. Most gear represented in artwork is default gear, as i mentioned above, which means they’re relatively weak and end up at common. Add to that their lack of in-game characteristics and that results in not very exciting cards – and another reason why this couldn’t be a proper set.

Save The Queen Magitek Armor

Buster Sword Revolver

I’m also not great at costing equipment casting/equipping costs, which may or may not be apparent. Some non-equipment artifacts will likely appear down the line but, so far, this is the only one i’ve got:

Black Materia

Until next time!