Final Fantasy: Overdrives

Hello! Today’s addition to my Final Fantasy set is a few of the Overdrives i’ve made so far.

I mentioned Overdrives in my set introduction post. They represent the special character-specific abilities found throughout the games, also known as Limit Breaks, Desperation Attacks, etc. These abilities didn’t show up until Final Fantasy VI, which means that the vast majority of the cards i can make will likely be from that game forward. Dissidia provides us EX abilities for the older games and i’ll take liberties whenever i find appropriate art. Without further ado, here are today’s cards:

Genesis Rock Flare Star

Due to the nature of these abilities, they’re most often represented by Instants or Sorceries. All Overdrives require that you control a creature to be used, usually by making you tap it. These two also show that Overdrives aren’t limited to heroes.

Great Gospel Angel Wing

Some of them have an ongoing (or temporarily ongoing) effect which is best represented by Enchantments. Great Gospel was inspired by Urza’s Saga song cycles but with decreasing counters, which is meant to represent the temporary effect of the ability. Angel Wing lacks the creature tapping clause of other Overdrives because it already requires a creature to be attached to.

Fury Cherry Blossom

Finally, some require a little more imaginative design. I’ve learned that anything related to storm is broken and so attempted to overcost Fury. No idea if it works. Cherry Blossom is a special multi-elemental limit break, unique to Cloud in Final Fantasy Tactics.

You may have noticed most of these are red, which is a traditional problem with attempting to make mostly offensive spells. Usually i get around that by taking a few liberties, we’ll see how that works. Until next time!

Edit: Fury didn’t actually work as intended, here’s the revised version. Thanks to rzarecta12 for pointing it out!