Final Fantasy: Heroes

Hello! As a counterpart to my last post on my Final Fantasy set, today’s post brings you a few of the cards i’ve made so far based on playable characters from the series. (possible spoiler alert)

As with many of the villains, all of the heroes’ cards share the Level Up mechanic. Having so many level up cards makes it tricky to settle on mana/level up costs, in the sense of trying not to make every card similar (in retrospective, after laying out all the cards in this post, i see i wasn’t very successful.) As always, the level up costs are temporary and susceptible to change.

Warrior of Light Cecil Harvey

Warrior of Light is my level up take on the classic White Knight variants. Cecil’s level ups are meant to reflect his change from Dark Knight to Paladin in the game.

Bartz Klauser Terra Branford

Bartz has a LOT of text but, as far as i know, that wall of text is the only way to let a creature copy the keyword abilities of another creature (since “keyword” isn’t used in rules text). It’s meant to show his connection to his Chocobo and, by extension, other creatures he “pairs” with, while also reflecting his class-changing versatility. Terra’s abilities represent her black magic and Trance form, respectively.

Tifa Lockhart Rinoa Heartilly

I’ve shown Cloud before, so Tifa’s representing VII this time. As for VIII, i haven’t made a card for Squall yet. Rinoa’s abilities represent her limit breaks, summoning Angelo and Angel Wing, respectively, and first strike comes from her ranged attack.

Zidane Tribal Yuna

Zidane’s blue comes from his thief class, which i tried to represent with the curiosity effect. The activated ability is meant to represent one of his trance attacks, with the cards-in-hand effect just for synergy. I did make a Tidus card for FFX, but Yuna is just as much of a protagonist and she also stars in X-2. Plus i don’t much like Tidus.

Lightning Ramza Beoulve

Lightning’s white and lifelink are meant to represent her Medic paradigm, and it retroactively makes sense with her recent demi-Goddess status. Ramza’s a bit trickier to represent, since he can change into any class and didn’t appear in Dissidia, so i mainly went off his base Squire class, where he has access to several types of buffs.

That’s it for this showcase. I don’t have cards for FFII, III or XII yet (any type of card, actually), but i’m sure they’ll show up eventually. Until next time!