Final Fantasy: Villains

Hello! I’ve decided that my Final Fantasy set won’t be a proper set, but rather a compendium of cards like my Multiverse, so every now and then i’ll be posting a few cards from it. Today is one of those days, and we’ll be focusing on the villains of the series. (possible spoiler alert)

Last time i mentioned that the main mechanic of my set was Level Up. I only use it for characters that you see mechanically evolve during the game, which of course includes all playable characters. Not all villains fall into that category, but some do:

Golbez Ultimecia

Please note that the level up costs are very susceptible to change as i have no experience in costing them. You may notice something different about these level-uppers in that both Level tiers have a +. What this means is that the creature keeps its second ability even after levelling up to the third tier. I’m not sure how the rules treat this “double assignment” of power and toughness but for this template i would errata it into saying that the latter values overwrite the former.

Then we have the more classic creature villains:


Some of the villains undergo literal evolutions in physical form. Sometimes that change is reflected in the same card, other times different cards represent the different forms:

Kefka Palazzo Bizarro-Sephiroth

With this amount of level-uppers i have to find ways of keeping the mechanic fresh. That can, for example, involve manually managing the counters like above or just keeping track of them somehow:

Kuja Yunalesca

That’s it for this showcase. I didn’t get to villains of every main entry in the series but they’ll show up eventually. Until next time!