Card Dump: Blind Eternities


As a Vorthos my favorite type of card is the flavorful type, particularly one that references the storyline of the set it belongs to. The one common element binding all the stories of Magic is the presence of Planeswalkers: beings that are able to travel to other planes by going through the Blind Eternities, a sort of all-encompassing sea surrounding and separating each and every plane in the Multiverse. One’s first planeswalk is a traumatic event nobody could prepare you for, and among the few who have the Planeswalker spark fewer are those that survive their first ‘walk. Today’s cards are related to this walk through the Blind Eternities.

Æthershard Embrace Eternity

These are the sort of cards that just beg to be exploited and are probably much better than i realize. Embrace Eternity is also a reference to Mass Effect. Until next time!