Card Dump: Dual Color (DGM Guilds pt.2)

Hello! To celebrate the impending release of the Dragon’s Maze set, today’s and last week’s posts feature a two-colored card for each of the 10 guilds in Ravnica.
Today i’ll end with the five guilds of the second set: Dimir (Blue/Black), Gruul (Red/Green), Orzhov (White/Black), Boros (Red/White) and Simic (Green/Blue).
As always, i already had these cards and they weren’t made to fit the guilds specifically.

Expose Runes

I’m pretty sure this is too good.

Burnwillow Coatl

This is a reference to Grove of the Burnwillows and i’m quite fond of the card. Not sure how good it is but i’ve always been bad at judging cards that net your opponent some life.

Judgement Chasm

A land! That’s different. I added the lose 1 life clause to stop the card from being a strictly better dual land, though i’m not sure if New World Order agrees with this (NWO is R&D’s design/development plan which states that, among other things, all lands must provide mana). The flavor of the card is that whenever a new follower arrives, your champion feels the boost. I considered allowing multiple exalted stacks but that would probably be broken.

Incarnate Phoenix

All flavor and little else, this one.

Silverplate Behemoth

This was interesting to design. It’s a big, sturdy beast, but you have to keep feeding it spells. I wasn’t sure if the drawback was strong enough to lower the rarity.

That’s it for my DGM feature. I ran the Implicit Maze this weekend but Selesnya took the gold. Until next time!