Card Dump: Dual Color (DGM Guilds pt.1)

Hello! To celebrate the impending release of the Dragon’s Maze set, today’s and next week’s posts will feature a two-colored card for each of the 10 guilds in Ravnica. I’ll start with the five guilds of the first set: Azorius (White/Blue), Izzet (Blue/Red), Golgari (Black/Green), Rakdos (Black/Red) and Selesnya (Green/White).
Like the last two times, i already had these cards and they weren’t made to fit the guilds specifically.

Curse of Bewitchment

There already is a similar curse to this one so i don’t know how useful it’d be. Might have some purpose in a different context.


A classic Browbeat effect. Wordplay cards are my favorite.


I really like this one, a nice symmetrical Devour effect that hadn’t been done yet.


This takes clues from Shadowstorm and leads it to the next level. I wasn’t around to play with shadow and don’t know how broken this would be, so i added the last clause to try and err in the side of caution.

Realm Warden

You can tell a card of mine was definitely forced to fit the concept when i include flavor text. Probably more pretty than playable.

Good luck to everyone participating in next weekend’s pre-release, may the best Orzhov runner win! Until next time!