Card Dump: Keep your Planeswalkers Close

Hello! Today i bring you two cards that benefit from having Planeswalkers on the table (or rather, do nothing without them).

Omnipresence Veritable Link

It has come to my attention that the image on Omnipresence is related to World of Warcraft but anytime i see a white lion in a fantasy setting i can’t help associating it with Ajani, so it stayed. I’ll replace it when something similar passes my way.

Cards like these naturally have the possibility of being broken. Most decks with multiple planeswalkers usually go the way of control, so that should tone down Omnipresence (it was made before the new Gideon though), and Veritable Link only checks a single planeswalker either way. Of the latter i’m most concerned with life/loyalty-gaining spells, though i like to think the effect balances itself out. But i’m sure there’s an interaction i’m not seeing.

Until next time!